This competition is the complete restoration of two historical buildings (early XIX century) in the  Retiro Park in Madrid, to hold the administration offices of the Ministry of Culture.  The mayor building where offices are located will be connected to the smaller one where the public programme takes place as well as the restaurant and nursery. The concept explores a new contemporary language to enhance the historical architectural virtues. In addition, the renovation concept proposes a reversible intervention. Everything can be replaced and returned to the original status. The upper part of the building enjoys astonishing views over the park and the city, and becomes the library and study area of the complex. Given the twin-condition of the buildings, our proposal inserts a new interchange piece (a programmatic link); a full height atrium that connects both buildings and performs as a climate conditioning element of the opposite façades. In the same way, the existing inner courtyards of the main building are covered to guaranty thermal inertia and to host the social areas of the administration building. The intervention takes into consideration the fact that the buildings are currently in use and must remain as such during the construction phase, reducing the general cost.