The scheme alters the geography of the sea. Assets a new configuration of the public space due to two main elements:The wind as the main feature of the architectural figuration generates a new calligraphy for buildings. The layout and shape of the housing blocks are evolved from the wind-ward line of exposure, to capture the most possible surface of wind.The water signature: the changing contours of the city´s coast line, creating wetlands due to the solid or liquid state of the water. The reduction of flow encourages an influx of saltwater, reduces the depth of the water plate and enriches the conditions of water media.The proposal creates a dialectical exercise raging between an intensive and extensive use of space. The augmented city project is a buoyant, fluctuating field of both housing and productive spaces, public areas, walkways and underwater nets. Its purpose is to stimulate the development of a non determined public space woven in strips linking water and soil.• Intensive as a use of a multilayer farming is proposed. We propose a sustainable  aquaculture, that provide not only a new sea bed ecosystem but a human source of nourishment and means of life. • Extensive as it expands into the sea territorial domains gaining free areas for public use.