MEROestudio to SAO PAULO

MEROestudio,s Museum of Visigoths has been selected to be included in the EXPOSIÇÃO GERAL DE PROJETOS in the IX BIENAL INTERNACIONAL DE ARQUITETURA DE SÃO PAULO.

The works will be at the OCA-Parque do Ibirapuera- Sao Paulo- Brazil from November 2nd to December 4th.


100% Madrid

MEROestudio has been selected to be included in the ”Madrid, 100% Arquitectura II” exhibition, which is beginning in the National Museum of Brasilia, organized by the COAM with the Brasilia Cervantes Institute.

The opening is taking place on monday the 6th of June.


Covadonga in final construction stage

Covadonga in final construction stage
The two residential blocks fostered by the Instituto Galego da Vivenda e Solo, in the neighbourhood of Covadonga, are heading the building final stage, aiming for opening late this summer. The 52 flats are expected to be occupied by autumn, by limited resources families that will access the public renting conditions.

Jury at Architecture Competition

Paula Montoya, invited member for the Jury on the Architecture Competition organized by the Ateneo de Madrid.

Jurado de un concurso de Arquitectura
Paula Montoya formará parte del Jurado del concurso de Arquitectura Ateneo de Madrid que se reunirá la primera semana de abril en Madrid.

Arquitectura inestable; métodos cruzados e indeterminación.

“New designing procedures on architecture”. Workshop at Colegio de Arquitectos de Galicia

Paula Montoya will be talking on ” “Unstable architecture: undetermination and exchanged methodology”.

“Nuevos procedimientos de proyectación”. Taller en el Colegio de Arquitectos de Galicia

La conferencia impartida por Paula Montoya, llevara el titulo “Arquitectura inestable; métodos cruzados e indeterminación”.


Workshop of Architecture and parametrics

Workshop of Architecture and parametrics in the School of Architecture, the summer course in Ourense. Paula Montoya will be in the teaching panel and will lecture on “Simulated models: achitecture learns from the context and from itself”

Curso de arquitectura paramétrica
En el curso de verano de la Escuela de Arquitectura en que tendrá lugar en Orense. Paula Montoya forma parte del cuerpo docente del curso de arquitectura paramétrica, e impartirá la ponencia “Modelos simulados. La arquitectura aprende de sí misma y del entorno”