In a natural site in Ortigueira, the most northern village of the coast of Galicia, Spain, we were commissioned to launch a proposal for low raise residential blocks overlooking the sea.The Project, very tight in budget, explores different typologies to minimize the site occupation impact, given the particular value of the landscape, and the energy generation solution.The layout distributes three parallel long pieces that run along the long side of the plot, that are placed in three different levels to guarantee the views to each of the units, leaving extensive garden spaces in between. A playground and swimming pool are designed at the south side of the site.The proposal aims to have minimum energy consumption, creating an extremely efficient insulation construction with minimum heat loss in the harsh winter conditions and natural ventilation for the cool summer of Galicia. The upper part of the site is destined for a small energy generation plant with solar thermal and photovoltaic panels as well as micro wind turbines.