The scheme was commissioned by a private client in a country-side location overlooking a beautiful valley in a village in Extremadura, in terraces full of orange trees and olives. An existing rural building was to be demolished (ruin) and replaced by a new detached single house.Although the programme and shape of the new construction will differ completely from the original, the use of materials will match the vernacular masonry and traditional stone.All decisions of the design respond to the bioclimatic performance of the house. The roof is shaped since the extreme summer temperature demand natural ventilation funnels. The site is in a steep slope and the house adapts to it as it terraces in two levels each one with access to a different garden. The roof is divided in several off-set parts with rounded shape. The main space is a double height living room with an open space that overlooks the lower level.The structure is steel curved beams that fold in following the shape of the roof. To make the construction faster, the floor slabs are a combination of metal and concrete.The enclosure of the building is covered with louvers in a composite material of cement and wood shaving, with a water proof coating. The ventilated façade system, allows a proper thermal insulation, given the humidity conditions of the location