The commission consisted in the complete re-construction of a historical house in the medieval centre of Ayllon in Segovia. The main façade is listed as a historical piece and needed to be restored and kept. Therefore, the proposal concentrates in exploring the  inner space of the original volume by inserting an enclosed glass atrium. The house program is laid out around the transparent piece in the three floors of the dwelling. A light metal staircase runs parallel to the atrium whose geometry is an irregular box that adapts to the different areas of each level.. The atrium is closed at the top with opening windows. It operates as a climate regulator: in winter the upper glass remains closed keeping a green-house effect that heats up the inner part of the house; in summer time, the windows open, textile louvers are laid from one side to the opposite and the hot air ascends as in a chimney effect cooling down the house. The different rooms have windows to the atrium to enhance those benefits.The materials used in the project combine both traditional (of compulsory use in the original façade and the roofing tiles) and contemporary elements, used within the house and the north side where the enclosure is a ventilated façade of light Wood and resin panels.