The competition’s brief requires a prototype solution for industrial warehouses for them to adapt to multiple possible locations. The proposal develops a prefabricated module that is to be assembled on site.The sheme shows a high level of compromise with sustainable use of materials and energy management as well as in the component building, assembly and the dismantling and transport process.The modulation of the warehouse units combine by addition or multiply of the elements, therefore the aim for a prototype is to explore how connexions of spaces may beget into new industrial use.
It seems unavoidable that the flexibility to hold industrial activities necessarily means an open plan clean space that give the leading role to the solving of the enclosure. The skin of the unit being not only brand image, but location of structural elements, is designed to capture most possible light avoiding the idea of window. An specialized skin that is panelled in glass reinforced concrete, with changing drilling patterns.The prototype is a 15×15 m2 rectangle in plan , xxxxxm high, and can be combined in different ways to extend the surface. Within one unit we can find three function modules:C1. Eco-module  Placed in one of the short sides of the building, it is a resource generator of energy and recycling water in one big tank coupling to the main structure. C2. Service-module internal conditioned working and office element inside the main industrial space. It also comprises the toilet and kitchenette elements. C3. Production-module. It is the main warehouse element that may hold from ware goods to heavy machinery to be operated by an electrical crane.