The proposal aims for a new concept of a Central Market, more a social exchange place than a shopping  place, with other family activities, making a building responsible of a strong commercial, social and cultural life in this community. Beyond a piece put together for a single purpose or function, we propose an enclosure flat in the site that folds inwards  connecting the premises with the existing shopping civic centre. The several shopping  halls are articulated with the public foyers a viewpoint for the central space and the external gardens. The building strongly resembles a packaging image that makes sense of the structural order through the rombo grid that is pattern to the stalls, the offices, the circulation routes and the structural insertion points.The theme organization of the shopping list rules the way the species are displayed within the market leaving fast or slow routes available for the different needs of the customers.The outer yard is also part of the proposal, following the internal display patterns.The building is conceived as a minimum energy-consumption construction. The enclosure must provide heat and cold protection but versatile enough to allow views and ventilation. As well as solar thermal panels are used the building also implies very low energy waste.