The proposal is part of a major renewal of the old slaughterhouse complex in Madrid. Originally from the late eighteenth century, several industrial brick buildings lay in a big site close to the river and two big incoming roads to Madrid; it stopped activity during the 80 s. Since then they were in decay until recently the municipality decided to create a big cultural and artistic centre. The scheme refers to buildings 8 and 9, both 50×20 m long, 20 m high and particularly close to each other by the short side. That is why we decided to insert a middle piece aiming to sew both spaces as the programme rises up to the roof terrace. Where a dark and narrow alley used to be, a new is transparent piece holds the communication flows of the complex, making it possible for the artistic and creativity workshops to take place. The layout also allows the transversal circulation to take place, distributing outer activity in the complete perimeter of the gardens.From the construction point of view, the complete renovation leaves the industrial original space in the bear structure and enclosure, ready to receive new metal floor slabs where the distribution permits flexible reconfiguration. The façades are restored and only cut out in those parts that will receive the extension structure.