The program of this competition is a Spa Centre within a Masterplan for a Taekwondo theme park that comprises another 12 major buildings) in a vast area in the Korean countryside. The proposal, given the considerable water needed, recycles the existing water in the site (from upper buildings and rain collection) regenerating it prior to use.  The spa itself is conceived as a discontinuity in the  lanscape using the deep valley of a river to locate a structure that spans from one bank to the other providing a transparent flat element that vanish into the dense vegetation. The building that holds the spa facilities, is a multilayered element and an active register and reactor to climate at all moments of the day. A water reservoir oriented to make use of the prevailing winds; it works as a natural measurer of temperature, that is used to arrange the program within. The north side is a composite of several layers confined and prepared to become the condensation surface. Always the cold side of the building, generates a difference of pressure with the opposed side that becomes the evaporation face. The south façade is the addition of several layers of canvases of lattices capable of solar and wind control.  The overall narrow depth of the building allows crossed ventilation enhanced by the vertical gardens that refresh the inner chambers.The structure consists in two massive façade elements, bound together with a laminar internal structure that sews together both sides.      As the water supply comes from above, the upper part of the building is dedicated to the recycling plant that lead the water downwards through a series of filters. Structurally the water tanks give strength and rigidity to the whole piece. The lower part arches away diverting the load to the extremes where the building meets the ground.