We propose a new concept of a Theatre, more a social exchange place than a performing place, with other family activities, making a building responsible of a strong cultural life in this community. Beyond a piece put together for a single purpose or function, we propose an enclosure that folds inwards connecting the premises with the existing shopping civic centre. The several music and theatre halls are articulated with the public foyers a viewpoint for the river and the city. The external yard is also part of the proposal, following the internal display patterns.The building is conceived as a minimum energy-consumption construction. Local climate is rather extreme during the winter so the concept of an inside looking building takes command. The enclosure must provide frost protection but versatile enough to allow views and ventilation. As well as solar thermal panels are used the building also implies geothermal production through a series of energy nodes plugged 30 meters into the ground. They exchange the temperature maintaining the constant 18º-22º Celsius of the ground.